Things to do in Blinman

Blinman South Australia

Blinman is a small rural town in the Flinders Ranges – the highest surveyed town in South Australia. Accessed via Port Augusta or Wilpena Pound, this tiny town boasts a population of around only 30! Named after Robert Blinman who discovered copper in the area in 1859, this small town has not grown much in population, but does boast a list of fantastic activities to try.

Blinman Mine Tours

Blinman is most famous for it’s incredible mine tours. Your friendly guide will escort you down in to the heart of the fascinating mine to learn about the history and culture of the area. This is a great experience for the whole family and the restored mine will be sure to amaze you. With lively stories and even ghost tales, be sure to make a booking when visiting Blinman.

Blinman Scenic Flights

Flinders Ranges offers a few scenic flight options through different companies. Discover Blinman and Wilpena Pound from above, in an amazing experience you won’t forget. Fly over stunning sites such as Brachina Gorge or take longer flights to Lake Eyre. The planes might not be big but the Flinders Ranges’ plains are huge! Soar like the Wedge Tail Eagle and see Blinman from a whole new perspective.

Flinders Camel Treks

Want to experience something that not many can say they’ve done? In Blinman you can find camel treks, camel safari experiences that are only a stone’s throw away from ONYA Eco-Camping Park, that takes you on a multi-day trek on; you-guessed-it, camel! This unique way of travelling will have you exploring remote stretches of the Flinders Ranges, packing only what the camel will carry. No set camps, no roads, not even a car for kilometres!

Gorge Drives

Mount Chambers Gorge also features a natural waterhole situated in the middle of the Flinders Ranges outback! Located 80km from Blinman you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere but find yourself surrounded by wildlife, birdlife and even ancient Aboriginal Rock Art!

Blinman Pools Walk

Enjoy various hiking trails including the Blinman Pools Walk. This 12km return hike takes you through reasonably flat terrain to 2 natural pools in the Flinders Ranges. The 1st pool is a 10km hike, being around 4 hours return, or a 5 hour return hike (12km) if you want to reach the second pool. If you’re lucky you might be the only person there and have a private rockpool all to yourself in the gorgeous Flinders Ranges as an ideal picnic spot!

Great Wall of China

Come and allow yourself to be fascinated by the unusual rock formation lines on the hilltops, 10 km south of Blinman, topped with ironstone, which people often describe as resembling ‘The Great Wall of China’ – a delight for any budding geologist or historian enthusiast.

More things to do near Blinman…

There are plenty more activities that you can do in Blinman and the surrounding areas and regions including setting foot on the Ediacaran Fossil site which dates back an incredible 500 million years ago! Tourists can also visit a nearby studio to learn about aboriginal carvings and indigenous culture. Our campground is also conveniently located next to Arkaroola Road [look for the signs] and is a springboard to visit the ancient Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.

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